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"I was very pleased to know that Treecare Marietta cut trees, limbs, & stumps in my backyard the way I wanted...I'll be sure to use them again in the future.  Thank you"  Feb 10, 2018

​ Carmen A, Marietta




"Mr.Guzman and his team were on time, very reliable, low-cost and met all my expectations."  March 12, 2018

​ William R, Smyrna  

"Treecare Marietta has reliable prices and I'm very happy to have used their services.  They went above and beyond their work."  April 2,2019

​ Allen M, Kennesaw




"I was amazed of seeing such quality tree cutting services at such low prices.  Thank you for helping me and my family."  April 7, 2019

Perla G, Marietta

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